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Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Fast Genetics is a global leader in the pig genetics business.  Fast Genetics provides highly prolific maternal lines and terminal lines that have unrivaled carcass value, meat quality, and growth characteristics.  Fast Genetics leads the industry in supplying its customers with healthy and world-class performing breeding stock.

On July 21, 2015 Fast Genetics was acquired by Sexing Technologies from HyLife.  The recent acquisition will allow Fast Genetics to incorporate Sexing Technologies’ sex sorting sperm technology as well as its deep uterine and low-dose semen technologies.  The incorporation of these technologies will immediately allow Fast Genetics to accelerate genetic progress at its nucleus farms and realize significant multiplication output advantages.  In future, Fast Genetics’ customers will be able to purchase semen selected for male or female offspring, having the ability to predetermine gender and tailor their product based on individual production economics and packer relationships.

The strong and strategic partnership between Fast Genetics and HyLife will be largely unchanged.  Fast Genetics will continue to provide breeding stock for HyLife’s 60,000 plus sows, producing over 1,600,000 market hogs annually.  HyLife will continue to be Fast Genetics largest multiplier, providing Fast Genetics’ high-health gilts to North America.

To learn more about Sexing Technologies visit www.sexingtechnologies.com.

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