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Fast Genetics is a leader in the pig genetics business. Our business has grown significantly over the years with the recognition that the company offers a very healthy source of productive and prolific breeding stock. Let’s look back on our history.

H&M Fast Farms Inc. began in 1982 as a family-owned company with Dr. Harold Fast and his wife Marjorie as the sole owners and operators. After graduating from veterinary college at the W.C.V.M in Saskatoon, SK, Harold and Marjorie spent several years in private industry before choosing to return to the Fast roots in Spiritwood, SK to start a pig genetics company. Spiritwood was a logical choice of location for a genetics company given its abundance of feed grains and natural isolation from other pig farms. This separation from other pig farms still exists today allowing Fast Genetics to enjoy a bio-security advantage that is second to none.

Another Successful Shipment of Pigs to China by Fast Genetics

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Fast Genetics and its parent company HyLife successfully sent a Boeing 747 cargo transport aircraft with 868 head of purebred breeding stock to Chengdu, China. The pigs originated from Fast Genetics’ nucleus sites near Spiritwood, Saskatchewan (Northern Saskatchewan) and were for its new customer Zigong Tequ Pig Farming Company.

Fast Genetics

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