Celebrating 40 Years

Fast Genetics purchases Acuity, an Illinois-based swine genetics company, further increasing its footprint in the American marketplace and contributing to more value delivered for producers around the world. The Fast Genetics team celebrates 40 years of business in North America. Fast Genetics officially enters the Mexican marketplace.


Innovative Techniques

Fast Genetics begins using sexed sperm at external multipliers using a variety of low-dose insemination techniques.


Groundbreaking Development

In 2017, a large-scale sorting lab was built in Saskatoon, establishing a world-class facility to further pioneer new innovations in the pig genetics industry. Sex-sorted sperm was introduced in internal nucleus and multiplication farms.


Novel Technologies

In 2015, Sexing Technologies purchased Fast Genetics from HyLife. Building on the success and knowledge from the past, Fast Genetics and Sexing Technologies are pioneering new innovations in the pig genetics industry.


Breeding-to-Plate Business Model

Fast Genetics became a wholly owned subsidiary of HyLife in 2006. With over 60,000 sows, feed mills, and a packing plant, HyLife is one of Canada's largest integrated pig producers. The HyLife ownership, and now partnership, allowed Fast Genetics to incorporate a breeding-to-plate understanding and focus. At the same time, HyLife entered a joint venture with Tianzow, bringing Fast Genetics breeding stock to China.


Germplasm Additions

In 2005, Fast Genetics moved into eastern Canada via Groupe Ceres, furthering its market growth. In addition to geographical growth, Fast Genetics grew its germplasm and introduced new genes from France via embryo transfer. The new genes allowed Fast Genetics to offer new genetic lines.


New Market Growth

In 2000, Fast Genetics grew from western Canada into the USA. This expansion into the United States included the creation of a sales force, new infrastructure, and significant market share growth.



Fast Genetics was founded in 1982 by Dr. Harold Fast and his family, based in the town of Spiritwood, Saskatchewan, Canada. The original stocking of animals was done by placing caesarean-derived piglets into the nucleus farm. Dr. Fast’s vision of a genetics company that provides high-health breeding stock and a commitment to animal care remains a part of Fast Genetics’ core values today.


Our Vision

We are leaders in pig genetics with innovative solutions.

Our Mission

Fast Genetics is a leading pig genetics company, based in North America with a global reach. We provide breeding stock and innovative genetics solutions to pork producers, assisting them in providing healthier food and using fewer resources in an environmentally sustainable way. We are committed to our founding principles of high health, integrity, and animal care, and we empower our people by supporting and encouraging them to grow personally as well as professionally.

Our Values

We are honest with our customers and ourselves, always maintaining high ethical principles.

We respect our people, our pigs, our customers, and the environment in which we work.

We are in constant pursuit of new and creative ways to improve our products and services for customers.

We will always do what it takes to get the job done right, and we make every effort to exceed customer expectations.


The future of pork production starts with you. We are committed to walking beside you, step by step, to build it together.