Maternal Lines
Fast 276

The Fast 276 is an extremely docile and prolific female, parity after parity.

She is the first cross between our Fast Landrace and Fast Large White lines.

  • Through unique breeding goals, the Fast 276 produces large litters with more pigs per litter and higher individual birthweights
  • The extreme milking abilities of the Fast 276 further increase her litter weaning weights
  • The Fast 276 is capable of benchmark-leading performance in various housing environments
  • Compared to competitor females, the robust Fast 276 has lower sow mortality and culling rates
  • The Fast 276 is bred to include terminal traits in the selection index, leading to fast growing, efficient, and full-value market pigs.
Terminal Lines
Fast Duroc

The Fast Duroc offers all the robustness you expect from a Duroc.

This terminal sire line produces pigs that grow fast, have superior throughput, and yield high-quality carcasses.

  • Fast Duroc-sired pigs lead the industry benchmarking program in average daily gain
  • Compared to its competitors, the Fast Duroc produces the most full-value pigs
  • The Fast Duroc produces extremely feed efficient pigs
  • Fast Duroc-sired pigs are known around the world for their carcass and meat quality
Fast Kantor

The Fast Kantor is our high-yielding terminal sire line. It is the first cross between our Fast Duroc and Fast Pietrain lines.

The Fast Kantor produces heavy pigs that convert well and demonstrate consistent performance in all production stages.

  • The Fast Kantor produces uniform pigs with heavy birthweights
  • The Fast Kantor produces durable pigs with high livability
  • Fast Kantor-sired pigs deliver the highest meat yield, maximizing producer profits
  • The Fast Kantor is bred to produce pigs that are extremely efficient throughout all production stages
Fast Duromax

The Fast DuroMax is three parts Duroc and one part Pietrain.

It combines the growth, durability, and meat quality characteristics of the Duroc with the added feed efficiency and lean meat yield of the Pietrain.


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