Health and Biosecurity
Prioritizing Health for Pigs and People

The original stocking of animals was done by placing caesarean-derived piglets into the nucleus farm. Since then, no live animals have entered Fast Genetics' nucleus herds, and new genes are only introduced via controlled embryo transfers. Overall herd health is monitored and preserved through monthly serology, guided by our veterinary staff.


On-Site Biosecurity

Due to the remote location and natural isolation of our production facilities, Fast Genetics enjoys unique biosecurity advantages that contribute to herd health preservation. To further amplify these, we also own and operate our own feed mill, transportation fleet, and truck wash. The dedicated feed mill only supplies our herds, allowing for herd health preservation, and only owned trucks and trailers are permitted on farm premises, as we interline with third-party transportation companies for customer deliveries. We also utilize extreme barn entry protocols for both materials and people.


The future of pork production starts with you. We are committed to walking beside you, step by step, to build it together.