Welcome to Fast Genetics. From our roots as North American veterinarians, farmers, and producers, we are a leading team of scientists with a producer perspective. We're on a mission to provide genetic and reproductive solutions to producers - enabling them to create healthier pork, enhanced food security, and a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Novel Innovations

Using sex-sorted sperm, extensive genotyping, integrated breeding programs, and other impactful innovations, we are bringing new potential to the pork industry.

The world is changing. Food production must be more sustainable, bringing maximum yield with minimal impact. Our scientists are at the forefront of this change, striving every day to create and harness new discoveries. The result? High-health and world-class breeding stock and proprietary reproductive solutions that delivers on our vision for better farms and a better future.

Rooted in tradition, altruism, and cutting-edge science, we enhance the modern food chain and reimagine how it integrates and interconnects with daily life.

Genetic Lines
Fast 276

The Fast 276 is an extremely docile and prolific female, parity after parity.

She is the first cross between our Fast Landrace and Fast Large White lines.


The Fast Duroc offers all the robustness you expect from a Duroc.

This terminal sire line produces pigs that grow fast, have superior throughput, and yield high-quality carcasses.

Fast Kantor

The Fast Kantor is our high yielding terminal sire line.

It is the first cross between our Fast Duroc and Fast Pietrain lines. The Fast Kantor produces heavy pigs that convert well and demonstrate consistent performance in all production stages.


The Fast DuroMax is three parts Duroc and one part Pietrain. It combines the growth, durability, and meat quality characteristics of the Duroc with the added feed efficiency and lean meat yield of the Pietrain.

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Meet Tania Lopes & Alfonso Bolarín Guillén

November 24, 2022

A conversation with our team’s newest scientists, who happen to be married and moved their family to a new continent to join Fast Gene...

News and Events
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Fast Genetics Nutrient Specifications

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About Us

From our base of operations in North America, we provide pork producers around the world with better genetic and reproductive solutions. Together with them, we pursue a shared vision of sustainable food security and enhanced livestock health.

Health & Biosecurity

Fast Genetics is known around the world for its high-health breeding stock – a result of our natural isolation, extreme biosecurity protocols, and herd health monitoring, all anchored by a set of leading ethical standards.