news: Ensuring Predictable Performance
November 24, 2022

Ensuring Predictable Performance

Earlier this year Acuity was acquired by Sexing Technologies, from the Maschhoffs, and became a sister swine genetics company with Fast Genetics; the inevitable question we got was, why? There were many reasons to join forces, such as expanding our business footprint and product offering to allow for greater genetic solutions for our customers. However, one reason stands alone as to why this partnership was a critical step in continuing to pursue our mission of being a pig genetics company with global reach that provides breeding stock and innovative genetic solutions to pork producers - The Commercial Test Herd.

Acuity’s Commercial Test Herd (CTH) ensures predictable performance through commercially relevant testing and data analysis. This is one of Acuity’s key genetic differentiators.

Why this is so different
Testing genetics in a commercial environment isn’t new; however, the commercial R&D platform upon which the CTH is built, allows for a scale and precision that is new and differentiated. Whether it is the ability to capture pen intake by sire, individual boar fertility, or a sire’s percent grade A pigs to the plant, they leverage information from 500+ offspring per sire to understand differences and then select boars for future generations that will generate more value for commercial partners.

How it works
Not only is phenotypic and genotypic information pertinent in nucleus level populations, but at Acuity, it ensures the collection of data on the animals whose performance they are trying to dictate – commercial pigs. The Commercial Test Herd allows the capture of real world commercial performance data on the offspring of Acuity’s genetics. This data ensures selection and breeding decisions in the genetic herds are creating desired outcomes in customer herds – demonstrating a genetics to phenotypic connectedness from the top of the genetic pyramid to the bottom.

Why they invested in this approach
When the Maschhoffs were looking for profit differentiators, feed, nutrition, and health were all variables evaluated- but the bottom line for performance is genetics. After 15+ years of research and development, they were confident in the genetic base they built. Acuity continues and iterates on that by consistently testing next-generation sires through the Commercial Test Herd.

Why this matters
Understanding and assessing genetics with commercial data has always been core to the industry and to both Acuity’s and Fast Genetics’ programs. Evaluating commercial genetics in a simulated commercial environment allows us to evaluate our genetic offerings before they reach a customers’ operation. While continuing to work closely with partners to collect and analyze relevant data, there is the ability to build an even stronger genetic foundation with a depth of data analysis significantly different from other genetic offerings.

How it’s delivered
The Commercial Test Herd is built on a large commercial system’s R&D platform. The process begins with understanding how value is created from the boar stud to the packing plant. Information we collect continuously includes data that:

  • Allows us to improve boar fertility
  • Increase quality pigs weaned
  • Reduces mortality and morbidity in the nursery
  • Drives a higher % of grade A market pigs
  • Increases lean yield
  • Improves pork quality

At the end of the day, we are here to generate more profit potential for your system, and we believe that the Commercial Test Herd is a pillar to deliver just that. Fast Genetics is proud to partner with Acuity and the Maschhoffs to continue the critical work that is ongoing in the CTH. We won’t stop here either, we plan to continue bringing more innovative and ground-breaking solutions to our customers every day.

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