news: Farmfit: Monitoring, Traceability and Analysis of Animal Health
November 24, 2022

Farmfit: Monitoring, Traceability and Analysis of Animal Health

STgenetics is a leader in the bovine genetics and reproduction industry. Not only do they have the proprietary rights for sex-sorted sperm, but they also offer a suite of other technologies that position them and their  entities to be leaders in their industries. Those leaders include Fast Genetics and Acuity, purchased by STgenetics in 2015 and 2022 respectively. As the sister swine genetics brands making up the swine division of STgenetics, they are positioned to provide a unique and proprietary suite of technology to their industry. 

One proprietary technology that has piqued interest as of late, is the soon to be launching FarmFit technology platform. Planned to launch in early 2023, the FarmFit platform is a sensor technology that helps to better monitor and manage individual animal health as well as the environment the animal lives in. This allows better health, and subsequently, the animal is able to better express their genetic potential. Solutions that the FarmFit platform supports include:

  • Health and event monitoring for individual animals and groups of animals
  • Full traceability from birth
  • Labor optimization

This technology enables value creation across the lifetime of the animal through:

  • Constant internal body temperature monitoring for individual and groups
  • External temperature and humidity recording
  • Track times and temperature of fluid intake
  • Predictive algorithms convert biosensor data into actionable alerts

What does this mean for Fast Genetics and Acuity?
Both entities are apart of the ST group of companies, and as such, they are entitled to the proprietary suite of technologies that ST develops. While this technology will be implemented in bovine first, iterations of it may be put to use in swine. “FarmFit has practical applications in the bovine world,” says Fast Genetics, COO Shannon Meyers. “We are investigating the practicality and value to the pig industry in the areas of sow health, animal movement, and others that can improve overall animal management.” 

Animal performance is a function of genetics AS WELL AS the health and environment in which they are managed and raised. Producers invest a lot in their genetics program, and trust that it will provide them with the support and tools they need to succeed. In order to realize that investment, the health of the animal needs to be optimized and FarmFit is just one of the many tools to do this. 


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