news: Fast Genetics Production Manual
November 4, 2022

Fast Genetics Production Manual

Your choice of genetic supplier is a long-term and very important decision. We at Fast Genetics appreciate the confidence you have placed in us. We believe in genetic improvement that is designed for the producer and are committed to keeping you competitive in the long run.

Some of our recommendations in this publication are industry standard practices while many are based on our research, trials, and experience. Being pig producers ourselves, we understand the importance of having every tool available to us in order to be as competitive as possible in the industry. That, a tool, is exactly what this manual is intended to be. It is designed in a manner that is specific to our products and, if followed, will help to unlock the genetic potential of your herd.

Please follow the link below for our most recent Production Manual. This document details our recommended production practices from farrow to finish as well as tailored nutrient specifications for our animals in each of those production stages. 

Production Manual