We are proud to advance our industry with groundbreaking genetic and reproductive solutions that will make a difference for producers and their businesses. In everything we do, we aim to create healthier food, use fewer resources, and forge a path forward into a more sustainable global future.

Sex-Sorted Sperm

Fast Genetics is an industry pioneer of sex-sorted sperm for swine. The sorting process is highly accurate and well proven, with the technical principles based on the DNA differences between X- and Y-bearing sperm cells.


Fast Genetics genotypes all animals raised in the nucleus using a proprietary and customized panel. The genotyping process begins with the sample of biological material containing cells, when DNA is extracted from cell nuclei and genotyped.


We continually invest and discover economically important phenotypes – a set of observable characteristics of a pig that result from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. Genetic markers and equations are of little value without accurate phenotypes.

New Discovery

Fast Genetics invests heavily in the discovery of novel innovations and research and development. We are constantly developing and refining reproductive technologies, such as novel catheters for low-dose deep uterine insemination.


The future of pork production starts with you. We are committed to walking beside you, step by step, to build it together.