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Fast Genetics

Fast Genetics is a leader in the pig genetics business. Our business has grown significantly over the years with the recognition that the company offers a very healthy source of productive and prolific breeding stock. Let’s look back on our history.

H&M Fast Farms Inc. began in 1982 as a family-owned company with Dr. Harold Fast and his wife Marjorie as the sole owners and operators. After graduating from veterinary college at the W.C.V.M in Saskatoon, SK, Harold and Marjorie spent several years in private industry before choosing to return to the Fast roots in Spiritwood, SK to start a pig genetics company. Spiritwood was a logical choice of location for a genetics company given its abundance of feed grains and natural isolation from other pig farms. This separation from other pig farms still exists today allowing Fast Genetics to enjoy a bio-security advantage that is second to none.

Fast Genetics owns 3700 sows in genetic nucleus and multiplication production in Saskatchewan. Our genetics are incorporated into sow herds and market hogs throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, and China. We have a fantastic staff of enthusiastic people. As we grow, it is important to reflect on our history. Hopefully you will agree and will gain an appreciation for what we are all about and have further assurance that our genetic program is built on a solid foundation and a sustainable future.

In 2001 the Fast family sold part of its interest in the business to HyLife Ltd. of LaBroquerie, Manitoba. HyLife is a pig production company that is well respected throughout North America and is now one of the largest pork producers in Canada. Ownership has continued to evolve since 2001 but the foundation and values of the company continue to remain solid with a strong focus on a profitable commercial customer.

From the onset, Fast Genetics has paid particular attention to the health and vigor of their nucleus herd. The herd’s origin is from cesarean derived piglets reared on evaporated milk. They have consistently maintained an exemplary health status with records which indicate an absence of the major health concerns since 1982.

Fast Genetics' nucleus herds, located in northern Saskatchewan, continue to maintain closed herds in isolation from other intensive hog production units. The introduction of herd improvements are by embryo transfer which is considered the safest and most advanced way of moving pig genetics in a biosecure manner.

The in-house breeding program provides the optimum selection of genetic traits and characteristics reflective of the BLUP selection technique. The Fast Genetic lines reflect consumer demands tailored to commercial producers’ competitive needs.