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Canadian Swine Genetics

Fast Genetics continually invests and discovers economically important phenotypes.

A phenotype is a set of observable characteristics of a pig resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. Genetic markers and equations are of little value without accurate phenotypes. Measuring at the right time and the right place is critical. Fast Genetics has developed many different strategies to improve the economic performance of its pigs. For example, phenotypes are measured at packing plants, commercial farms, and genetic nucleuses. All of the measurements Fast Genetics records improve key metrics including total born, piglet weight, feed conversion, and average daily gain.

Feed Intake and Recording Equipment (FIRE) feeders are one example of Fast Genetics commitment to the continued development of novel and accurate phenotypes. Fast Genetics was an early adopter of FIRE feeders, installing the equipment over a decade ago. Investment in FIRE feeders allows Fast Genetics to accurately monitor how much pigs eat, compared to how quickly they grow. Through measuring pigs early in their growth phase and increase the number of pigs measured, Fast Genetics can dramatically increase the rate of genetic improvement. This results genetic gain and ultimately better pigs for Fast Genetics’ customer.

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