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Canadian Swine Genetics

Fast Genetics genotypes all animals raised in the nucleus.

The genotyping process begins with the sample of biological material containing cells. DNA is extracted from cell nucleuses and genotyped. The process of genotyping identifies differences in the animal genome. Within the same species, the nucleic acid sequencing of the genome is mostly the same. However, when the sequence differs by one single base pair between two or more animals, it is called single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). A SNP can be responsible for differences in a pig’s observable characteristics (e.g. resistant to porcine stress syndrome). In pigs, most economically important traits are controlled by several regions of the genome (several SNPs).

Fast Genetics evaluates tens of thousands of SNPs per pig using proprietary genomic evaluations. The main purpose for genomic analysis is the use of genomic EBVs. Genomic EBVs enable accurate selection of young pigs by using SNP information to make estimates of how pigs will develop. Practically, the use of genomic EBVs for genomic evaluations translates into significantly faster genetic gain, creating better pigs for Fast Genetics’ customers.

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