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Canadian Swine Genetics
Fast Genetics is pioneering

sex sorted sperm

in the swine industry.

The sorting process is highly accurate and well proven. The technical principal behind separating sperm is based on the DNA difference between sperm cells. X-bearing sperm cells contain slightly more DNA than Y-bearing sperm cells. As sperm cells flow through the sorter, the proprietary software detects the difference between X-bearing and Y-bearing sperm cells. Sperm cells are then separated based on their DNA difference, resulting in sex sorted sperm up to 99% gender-biased accuracy.

All Fast Genetics customers will benefit from the introduction of sperm sorters at the nucleus level. Specifically, sex sorted sperm and low dose semen technology at the nucleus level will allow Fast Genetics to skew gender ratio, accelerating genetic progress in all product lines. Introducing sex sorted sperm throughout Fast Genetics’ multiplication will allow for an increase in product supply. In the future, Fast Genetics plans to implement sex sorted sperm at the commercial level with its customers. The introduction at the commercial level will allow Fast Genetics customers to skew gender ratio based on many economic and management factors including slaughter plant partnerships.

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